Javier Hernández

Javier Hernandez (1990), a freelance journalist based in California. Covering news about the US, Europe, especially Spain. Focus on migration, politics, and sports but also content creation.


I covered sports news for Motorpress Ibérica (Ciclismo a Fondo, Bicisport, and Bike) and Cadena SER (radio broadcasting). Also, I have worked as a Communications officer for Transparency International Spain.

Also, I wrote articles and provided editorial support for International Review of Transparency and Integrity.

My last occupation at Transparency International led my career to Investigative Journalism. So, I decided to move to North America to get an education on this discipline.

Skills as a writer

In the 6 years of my writing career, I have learned a lot of different types of writing to tell the requirements of the client or the topic, engaging readers or potential customers.

I wrote articles for some Spanish magazines (sports, books reviews, lifestyle, technology, human stories…) and covered news for radio shows. Also, I worked as a communications officer and being part of the marketing team for an NGO.

My strengths are written news, headlines, website contents, social media pMy strengths are written news, headlines, website contents, SEO contents, technical content, long articles, product reviews and descriptions, sports articles, especially cycling (pro-cycling news, products, and bike touring). Nowadays, I am specializing in covering immigration in the USA.

Constant learning

Data-Driven Journalism (DDJ) contributes to find stories among tones of data. This can be implemented thanks to technology and coding. For instance, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and R are tools that will let journalists carry out small-budget investigations. Therefore, I considered highly important to spent time learning the fundamentals of these tools.

Academic background

Graduate in Journalism at Complutense of Madrid University. Also, innovation in media outlets was the major of my master’s degree at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.